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Poetry Portfolio Arrangement  

Your Poetry Portfolio should be arranged in this order:

-Title Page(Poetry Portfolio, Name, Period)

-Table of Contents(Title, Name of Poems, Page Numbers)







-Bio Poem


I have changed the Coffeehouse date from May 11th to Tuesday May 15th!!!!!


A few announcements:  

Types of Poetry Quiz Thursday May 10th! (Words are on your google classroom page!)


Poetry Portfolio due Friday May 11!


Coffeehouse Tuesday May 15th Bring snacks to eat with your coffee and hot chocolate! 


Kahoot link:

Poetry Portfolio   

Poetry Portfolio

For this last 6 weeks, I wanted to focus in depth on a skill we have not had much time to focus on, poetry. We will be learning about different types of poetry and studying examples of each type. We will then be using our knowledge of each type of poetry and making a portfolio of poems. Each student will write their own poem for each type of poetry and then put those poems in a folder or notebook (their portfolio).

I have certain requirements regarding the poetry portfolio.

-Poems MUST be in a folder or notebook.

-Poems must be written neatly or typed. 

-Each page needs to be numbered 

-You may add designs or pictures to the poems, but they must relate to the poem and be school appropriate.

-The poems you decide to write must be school appropriate.

-We will be having a coffee house event one day where the students will read one poem from their collection in front of the class.


Your poetry portfolio must be set up in this order:

1.   Cover(either on front of notebook if it has a sleeve) or Title page(in front of table of contents)

The cover and title page must be in this order:

Poetry Portfolio

Your name

Your period


Poetry Portfolio

Joe Jacks

6th period


2.   Table of Contents

3.   Your nine poems arranged in this order(and pages are numbered!):

   -Acrostic(Word must be at least 5 letters long, Each letter needs to have 2 or more words/phrases)

   -Concrete (Must have at least 5 lines and must be in shape of topic of poem)

   -Limerick(5 lines, Lines 1, 2, and 5 must rhyme with each other, Lines 3 and 4 must rhyme with each other)

   -Haiku (3 lines, must be about nature, 5 syllables 7 syllables 5 syllables)

  -Cinquian (5 lines and must follow cinquian format)

  -Diamante (7 lines and must follow diamante format)

-Bio Poem (must be about you or someone else, must follow graphic organizer format)


This project is due May 11th! You may turn it in early if you would like! J  Poems will be read aloud at the Coffeehouse for an extra 100.



Poetry Portfolio Rubric


Name: ________________________________________________

Cover or Title Page with Title, name of student, and class period _____/5

Table of Contents

           -must have title and page numbers, titles use correct punctuation and capitalization


9 Poems are arranged in Correct Order and Correctly Written







-Bio Poem


Poems are stored in a folder, notebook, or portfolio cover with spine ____/5

Poetry Portfolio is neat and organized in correct order, Poems are written neatly or typed _____/10


Percy Jackson  

We are finishing Percy Jackson this week! Please make sure you read Chapter 21-22! 

Google Classroom  

I am starting to the same information for my class on your child's Google Classroom page! I am currently putting updates for tests, vocabulary words, and Kahoot links on there! Make sure you go check it out! Your child will have to access their Google account to login to Google Classroom! 

Engage Ny Website  

In case you are absent, you may access the Engage NY website at this link so that it will lead you to the lesson you missed for the day!

Makeup Work   

Make sure you are checking the folders on the wall(in the classroom) for makeup work if you have any! If you do have any, make sure you are turning it in ASAP! 


Make sure you are reading Chapter 20-21 of the Lightning Thief! You can read your copy of the book, follow with the youtube read aloud, or come to my class during Gatoraide and read!