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Motlow State Community College

Tennessee Technological University

Middle Tennessee State University


31 years of experience

2nd grade Teacher

3rd grade Teacher

Title Reading Teacher

6th grade Science Teacher


Mrs. Diane Gipson

Hello out there! This is my 31st year of teaching and I love every minute of it. I have taught at Decherd Elementary, Clark Memorial and now North Middle. I teach 6th grade Science. I live in Winchester with my husband, Mickey Gipson. I have three children and they are ALL in college/graduate school. I have 23 year old twin girls and a 21 year old son, (Hannah, Faith, and Grant). Hannah is attending UT pharmacy school in Nashville, Grant is an undergrad Vol  and Faith is a Tennessee Tech Eagle graduate student. I have two puppies Ellie and Dicey. My favorite things to do are taking naps, going to the beach, and of course going from college to college to visit my children. 


Science Class Mission

My mission in my 6th grade science class is that the students are excited 
learning and feel good about themselves. Also, I want the students to be 
organized !