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Remote Learning   

Dear Students, 

I hope you are all doing well! Please know that I love and miss you all! My hope is for you to take this extra time to share creativity with the world! I know I have definitely been in the studio and outside making art! Use creativity in all that you do! I have included for you one project goal per week. Each lesson is something you have already done, so it should just be review! Also, do not forget that we are still doing pet portraits for the Animal Harbor art show and auction! If you have one started, keep working on it! If you have not started one, I am including all the pictures in a link on our NMS facebook page, and I am including one printed copy for the packets! I will do a You Tube tutorial for this project, so be looking for that! 

When You finish any project, even if it’s just something from your personal sketchbook, email it to me, and I will post it on our online gallery I am starting! I just encourage you to stay creative, even if all you have is a pencil!!!


To access your online textbook, log in through Clever, and click the Davis Publications Icon. The click the books tab and flip to the lesson assigned. Review the lesson and complete the studio time activity :) 


*The Paper Packet may have slight differences* 


Here is the List:


  1. Chapter 1.2 pg 10 (Character in Line)

  2. Chapter 2.1 pg 36 (Drawing Student Life)

  3. Chapter 2.2 pg 40 (Illusion of a 3D form)

  4. Chapter 2.6 pg 54-56 (Still Life Drawing)



  1. Chapter 2.1 pg 36 (Sketching People)

  2. Chapter 2.2 pg 40 (Drawing From Observation)

  3. Chapter 2.4 pg 48 (Interpret an Object)

  4. Chapter 7.4 pg 198 (A School Spirit Mural)


  1. Chapter 1.1 pg 6 (Communicating with Symbols)

  2. Chapter 1.3 pg 12-14 (Create your own Message)

  3. Chapter 2.2 pg 40 (A Paper Mosaic)

  4. Chapter 3.3 pg 72-74 (Drawing a Triptych that Teaches a Lesson)

Other ART Online resources

(with some help from Kyle Nagle - Art Teacher at Rock Creek - Thank-you) - My Youtube Channel which will have a weekly tutorial - an awesome drawing site for kids that we have used in the classroom.  : an amazing list of projects and resources  : a list of 12 museums you can take a virtual tour of. get them thinking in three dimensional design with this easy to use modeling software.

Stop Motion Studio for the chrome book.: make a stop motion animation online drawing & painting tool. Free download  awesome art projects for kids

Current Projects   

Welcome to Art  

Welcome to art class!  My name is Mrs. Ragland and I am excited about being your art teacher this year.  We will explore many different artists, styles of art, and ways of making art and create a deeper understanding and appreciation for art.  The most important thing about art in the classroom, I believe, is creativity.  My art classroom is a safe space for students to explore their creativity and learn to believe in themselves.  Because we use many supplies in art it is important that as a student you are very responsible.  Our supplies are limited, and I ask that if at all possible, you bring in some supplies for our art program.  Some needed supplies include:  glue, tape, paint, brushes, markers, colored pencils, sharpies, aluminum foil, paper plates, paper, posterboard, Clorox wipes, germ x, pencil sharpeners, (and anything else that you think we might could use)  Any donation of supplies is greatly appreciated!  I ask that you as a student give your best effort in art, and I will give you my best effort teaching it to you. I look forward to having a great year in the art classroom! 

Below is where you will find the current project (and additional work that acompanies the project) that we will be working on in class

Generally, we spend 1 week per project.

Project 1: Handmade Sketchbooks with Self Portrait Collage Cover. 

Students will learn how to create, join, and sew thier own bookblock for a handmade sketchbook which will be used each day in class for note taking, preliminary ideas, and creative endeavors. 

They will then learn about collage, and create a self portrait style cover for thier book. 

Students will share thier art with the class.




GRADING:  The student's overall grade will be assessed the following way:  Weekly Participation Grade, Unit Quizzes, Projects, and Sketchbook, with Projects and Sketchbooks counting twice. Extra Credit will also be offered with 5 points being added to the student's lowest grade. 

Weekly grades can be lost when a student does not comply with the terms for earning a daily grade.  At that time, the student will be informed that they will be losing a daily grade for that day.  All students have heard the terms and understand how to earn/lose a daily grade and signed an art contract stating such.

Project/assignment grades- each studio project will be graded based on a rubric with specific things that need to be included in their artwork.  Art work will never be graded on my opinion of it or if I "like" it or not.  Grading artwork will remain objective.