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I'm happy to be teaching 7th grade science:)





 If you need to contact me...

email me at or call the school & leave a message

at 967-5323.  




7th Grade Science Syllabus  (2019-2020))


Chemistry Unit 

7.PS1 Matter & Its Interactions 

  • Atomic Models                                                    1 week

  • Periodic Table                                                    2 week

  • States of Matter                                                1 week

  • Elements and Compounds                                         1 week

  • Mixtures                                                          1 week

  • Chemical/Physical changes                                       1 week
  • Conservation of Mass                                            2 weeks


Life Science Unit 

7.LS1 From Molecules to Organisms 

  • Organization of Living Things (Body Systems)                   2 weeks

  • Cell Structure and Function                                      2 weeks

  • Cell Processes (membrane transport)                            1 week

  • Classification of Cells within Kingdoms                           1 week

  • Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration                          1 week

  • Sexual and Asexual Reproduction                                1 week

  • Intro to Mitosis                                                  1 week


7.LS3 Heredity 

  • Mitosis/Meiosis                                                  1 week

  • DNA/Mutations                                                  1 week
  • Punnett Squares/Heredity                                       2 weeks
  • Adaptations/Survival                                             2 weeks
  • Vascular vs. Nonvascular                                        1 week
  • Angiosperms and Gymnosperms                                  1 week
  • Tropism                                                          1 week


Earth Science Unit 

7.ESS3 Earth and Human Activity 

  • Cycling of matter                                                1 week

  • Atmospheric layers                                              1 week
  • Human activity and climate data                                1 week
  • Biomaterials and engineering design                             1 week



TCAP review and testing                                              5 weeks





For daily assignments click the links below at the bottom of this page :



Student Behavioral Expectations


be thoughtful and help others when possible (builds friendships)

be quiet when others are speaking (increases student comprehension)

raise your hand to ask/answer questions (reduces chaos)

keep your hands, etc. to yourself (creates a safe learning environment)

keep negative comments including bad language to self (spares feelings)

Student Behavioral Consequences

1st offense..........verbal correction from teacher

-  2nd offense.........demerit slip written

-  5 demerits..........parent/guardian contacted

*EXTREME BEHAVIOR*(in cases of physical contact, agression, bullying, abusive words, etc.  to other students or adults administation will be contacted immediately and classroom discipline practices will be by-passed)