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I'm happy to be teaching 7th grade science:)




 If you need to contact me...

email me at or call the school & leave a message

at 967-5323.  




7th Grade Science Syllabus  (2018-2019)


Chemistry Unit


7.PS1 Matter & Its Interactions


  • Chemical and Physical Properties                                 1 week

  • States of Matter                                                 1 week

  • Chemical Equations (Law of conservation of Mass)               2 weeks

  • Periodic Table                                                     3-4 weeks


Life Science Unit


7.LS1 From Molecules to Organisms


  • Organization of Living Things (Body Systems)                   2 weeks

  • Cell Structure and Function                                      2 weeks

  • Cell Processes (membrane transport)                            1 week

  • Classification of Cells within Kingdoms                           1 week

  • Adaptations                                                       1 week

  • Growth, Division, and Energy of Cells (Reproduction)           1 week

  • Mitosis                                                            1 week

  • Photosynthesis and Respiration                                   2 weeks


7.LS3 Heredity


  • Mitosis/Meiosis,genes, genotypes/phenotypes                   4 weeks


7.LS2 Ecosystems


  • Ecosystems                                                       2 weeks


Earth Science Unit


7.ESS3 Earth and Human Activity


  • Atmosphere and Climate Change                                2 weeks


Engineering Design Process


7.ETS2 Engineering, Technology, & Science Applications


  • Engineering Design Process (EDP)                               2 weeks


Then Review…



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